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Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me.

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Create a list of measurable goals with rewards

Create some meal guidelines 

I’ve been trying to pull myself together for the last 6+ months. I have been FULLLL of excuses. And really admitting that to myself is helpful. I am an athlete. I love to work out and exercise, so why have I been so lazy? Time for a swift kick, I feel like shit I complain ALLL the damn time about my thighs, belly fat, boredom and blah blah blah. I’m not a complainer, I’m a worker so time to start working!

I feel prettttty pathetic at the moment. Pathetic because it’s oh-so-cliche of me to be back here and getting my list of goals at the start of a new year when I thought I was beyond this months ago. That my running and eating habits were my lifestyle. I didn’t need to try -being healthy started coming naturally to me.

I feel pathetic because ever since I started working (August) I’ve made plan after plan after plan and have continued to fail and fail and skip workouts and binge on cheese. LOTS OF CHEESE.

Going through some of my posts on this thing is making me feel somewhat better because I remember last spring being like “woo trip to the farmer’s market, make fresh meals & go on 8 mile runs, yipppeee!” When really it was like “this food is expensive, I want oreo’s dipped in peanut butter and OMG I’m so hungover WTF am I running 8 miles for!!!!??” 

BUT, I still ran & hardly EVER missed a run. So why, WHY can’t I do the same now?

I know my life is going through a big transition. I see my college friends MAYBE once a month. I got a job in graphic design & social media marketing which I enjoy, but it’s tough. A LOT of competition to succeed. So I’m stuck in this cycle sleep-work-binge at night (CHEESE!) & watch shitty tv-repeat. My last year’s self would scoff at this year’s self.

So my main NYR was to have more FUN, see friends more, pick up some hobbies (purchased a ukelele) & regularly reinstate old ones (sketching). I also said I would stop making all these “rules” for myself nutrition/exercise wise because I kept failing & it was making me feel bad. Basically I was the only human being that decided NOT to make a new years resolution to lose weight. But then, I ate a HUGE GREASY hamburger and was having heart palpitations that were so painful I felt AWFUL. And I’ve been re-thinking my non-body related resolution and feel like I need to get back into good habits ASAP….

So I have to fine tune my goals & plans. Mostly I want to get into running again, and feel healthy. My weight is around 132, so I’ve gained around 5lbs since last year. Mostly I just look chubby. Like usual, I don’t want to get too hung up on my weight loss, I know that will come with healthy living. I just have to GET back in the saddle!

Maybe I’ll start listing what I ate, if I feel like it. No pressure.

Breakfast 8:30AM
raisin bran with a tablespoon added nuts & dried fruit
Lunch 1PM
peanut butter & nutella sandwich
2 fig newtons
Snack 4PM
Dinner 5:30PM
chicken wrap with salsa/lettuce/avocado/dressing
Snack 7PM
diet hot chocolate
graham cracker with nutella 

prob gonna have some tea later

Only ran 4 times (the goal is 5 a week) but they were good runs.

Ate A LOT…like too much food. I’ve stopped counting cals, which I figured was gonna happen, bc I hate counting. But I’m really focusing on portion sizes and trying not to snack a lot. I also want/need to do core every night/stretch.

Other than that, it’s been INSANE at work which is good, but tiring, the boy and I have been great but the distance is getting tougher, which seems weird since we’ve been doing distance almost 2 years. I think because I’m loving my job and it’s hard to decide where we’ll end up living. I also think he wants to get engaged but we’re trying to save, I don’t see the point in rushing to get married if we have no money -_-

At least we’re in love :D